Move Your Body, Clear Your Mind Challenge, Sponsored By Humana - Day 5 - Make The Most Of Your Movement 4442

Move Your Body, Clear Your Mind Challenge, Sponsored By Humana - Day 5 - Make The Most Of Your Movement

Moving your body is more than just standing up and walking. It's about engaging the muscles in your arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs while increasing your heart rate. Today's challenge is to be more mindful about your movements and find ways to work your muscles more as you do everyday tasks.

Try one of these ideas:
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator: Instead of standing idly, work your leg muscles and bump up your heart rate by taking the stairs.
  • Ditch the drive-through: Instead of staying in your car when you get takeout, park and walk inside. This might seem like a tiny bit of movement, but it adds up over time.
  • Try a standing or walking meeting: Instead of sitting down at your next meeting, walk around to improve circulation, increase focus, and reduce the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Do standing push-ups or calf raises while waiting for your food to cook: These exercises are quick and effective — push-ups engage your chest, arms, and shoulders, while calf raises work your lower leg muscles.
  • Jog in place while watching television: Nix the temptation to be a couch potato and incorporate some movement into your TV time through light jogging.
  • Park farther from the entrance to work or the grocery store: By parking farther away from the door, you’ll get a few extra steps in and work your leg muscles.

Any amount of exercise is beneficial to your health, no matter how short. Adding extra movement into your routine can become a healthy habit over time and make a big difference in your wellness.

Want more ways to move more? Explore the Physical Activity section of our Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation blogs.

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