Move Your Body, Clear Your Mind Challenge, Sponsored By Humana - Day 4 - Step It Up Today! 4455

Move Your Body, Clear Your Mind Challenge, Sponsored By Humana - Day 4 - Step It Up Today!

Do you have a competitive side? Use it to your advantage by challenging a coworker, friend, or family member to a step challenge.

Step challenges are becoming more popular in the workplace, with many organizations (like Humana and Penn Medicine Princeton Health) using rewards and prizes to encourage employees to participate. Step challenges are a great idea because they produce benefits like:
  • Better physical health
  • Increased team morale
  • Greater personal enjoyment

Even if your workplace doesn’t offer a formal program, you can create an informal one on your own:
  1. Using a tracking device like a smartwatch, phone, or fitness tracker, log your steps throughout the day.
  2. Challenge a coworker or friend to keep track of their steps, too.
  3. Decide on a prize for the winner — for example, the person with the most steps could get treated to lunch at their choice of restaurant, or a coffee, or a night out for drinks.

Use this competitive challenge as a fun way to take more steps today. For more inspiration, read about other organizations using step challenges to improve employee health and morale:
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