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My Rest Commitment

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Rest Commitments

Most Recent Comments

Margaret C.‍ have you signed up for the June Sleep Challenge?
by ChristiM on Sleep
Kathylarsen3120‍ This is great! What are you doing to make your commitment work?
by ChristiM on Rest
Hi amylseeger ‍, I love that you recognize the importance of a bedtime routine. How is it going for you? 

I also wanted to provide you with a resource. So, here is a blog post with 12 tips on falling asleep !!! Hope this helps! 
mpotoczek‍ have you been sleeping better? How did your January commitment go?
Great commitment! Sleep is very important especially when working 2 jobs and in between activities, you need your rest. How has your week been? Any improvement so far? Let's go! #healthynurse
by abbyeed on REST