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Safety 3478

I will commit to increasing my working knowledge of work place violence prevention recommendations from the EPA and actively instill these recomendations into my work place and share this resource with my fellow ASPAN colleagues.

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Distracted Driving 3443

My goal is to be more present and less distracted while driving!

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Safe Patient Handling 3432

I will use Safe Patient Handling equipment EVERY TIME it is necessary.

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Sleep Commitment 3256

My commitment is focused on sleep hygiene.  I will get no less than 8 hours of sleep every day of the week for 3 months.  My hours will be 9pm to 6am.  I will journal my thoughts, feelings, goals, and ideas along the way.  Any takers? 

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safety 3236

I will slow down and think "is this safe" before starting a task

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Driving Safety 3200

I commit to not texting while driving.  I will designate someone in my care if available to manage my phone.  I will identify 2 other ways I can improve driving safety in my habits.

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Texting while driving 3187

I commit to save texting until I am at a safe location - not in the car.

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Phone, phone go away! 3134

I resolve to put my phone in an unreachable spot while driving - unless it's my GPS then I have to figure something else out....

Health Commitment 3083

I will Turn my phone off wile i drive and cut my binge drinking to zero

Added by jflynt Blog My Safety Commitment 01/30/2019
Safety 3070

I commit to not text and drive.  Sometimes I find myself being distracted and thinking that I have to multi task right away even if I am the wheel.  I commit to slow down and think before I pick up my phone to send my "important" text.  Nothing is as important as arriving safely to my destination and not risking anyone else's safety either.

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I commit!
by RNGabby on Safety
I commit to this challenge.
by RNGabby on Safety
Even if it is more time consuming or requires grabbing more equipment I have to do it to keep myself injury free.
I will commit to turning off my phone while driving. There are many times that I think it is okay to send a quick reply. This is too dangerous especially when there are other passengers in the vehicle. Safety should be first hand commitment for the safety of myself and passengers alike.
My first goal for Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation.  Time to work on bad habits.