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Wisconsin Nurses Association (WNA)


Learn more about how the Wisconsin Nurses Association (WNA) is participating as an HNHN Champion Partner.


We are pleased to shine the spotlight on Wisconsin Nurses Association (WNA), an exceptional HNHN Champion. 

Special shout out to Gina Dennik-Champion, Executive Director!  The Wisconsin Nurses Association is supporting the work of ANA’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation using multiple strategies, including a “Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin” Mutual Interest Group. 

Below are some of WNA's activities as an HNHN Partner.

  • Development of a “Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin” Mutual Interest Group (MIG). MIGs are comprised of WNA members and non-members who have a common interest and/or need to connect with one another for educational advancement, networking and/or dissemination of information in their area of nursing interest.   This MIG is developing a one-day healthy nurse program for early 2018 and Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin webpages and media sites.
  • Preceptor site for undergraduate and graduate nursing students whose projects focus on improved nurse health by addressing the contributing factors leading to hypertension among the nursing workforce (nutrition, sleep/rest, physical activity and stress).
  • Dissemination of information regarding Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation and WNA’s Healthy Nurses for Wisconsin through their webpages, exhibiting, and guest lecturing events.  
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f1ddb21583d10d17a816a94109141733-huge-emHave you joined the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) yet? Join us today! 
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