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Not Today, Flu is a collaboration between the American Nurses Association (ANA) and Sanofi. Its goal is to encourage everyone eligible 6 months and older to get their flu shot this upcoming season to help prevent the flu and flu related complications including 
cardiovascular events, pneumonia, and hospitalizations. (4) 

Nurses, we know you are very familiar with confronting things that are out of your control. (There are definitely a few memes for that.) The good news: Getting a flu shot is not one of them.

Let’s all declare “Not Today, Flu!” and inspire everyone to take control to help lower their risk of flu and its complications by getting our flu shots.

We are teaming up with Sanofi for an educational campaign – Not Today, Flu – to encourage everyone eligible to get their flu shot this upcoming season to help prevent the flu and flu-related complications, including cardiovascular events, pneumonia, and hospitalizations, and to help protect their own health and that of their loved ones. (4)

The best way to participate? Leading by example and getting your flu shot today. So many things may be out of our control, but getting the flu shot and helping to protect ourselves and our loved ones from flu and its complications is not one of them. Empower and help protect yourself by getting your flu shot and declaring “Not Today, Flu!” Then share your story on social using the hashtag, #NotTodayFlu.

Nurses, it starts with you. Be a role model and spread the word that it’s time to say, “Not Today, Flu!”

Reach out to Holly Carpenter,, to get involved.

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