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We’re happy to share how HNHN partner The Ohio State University College of Nursing is helping faculty, staff and student nurses thrive. 

The Ohio State University College of Nursing uses  Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ to support university strategy which recognizes nine dimensions of wellness. The dimensions cover care for all aspects of life, including emotional, career, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, financial, creative, and environmental.

The College of Nursing’s team of Wellness Innovators leads wellness events throughout the year, including healthy food tastings, wellness walks, and events that feature smoothies made with a blender bike. Students and faculty have access to fitness facilities. They can also use standing desks or walking treadmill work stations, too.

The Wellness Innovators in the College of Nursing sell candy grams twice per year. Students and faculty and staff can buy a 25-cent candy gram and include a positive, supportive message for fellow students or colleagues. The holiday notes include a piece of peppermint candy and the ones sold in February during heart health month include a piece of dark chocolate. The notes include a few fun facts about the health benefits of the treats.   

The wellness initiative provides frequent seminars on various topics (upcoming workshops include urban Zen and aromatherapy). The Ohio State University website offers free guided imagery sessions to students, staff, and the public. And their “Buckeyes Band Together for Wellness” program gives students and faculty and staff access to online wellness modules so they can learn strategies for living a healthier life.

During final exam week, The College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs sets up stress-relief centers with ways to overcome anxiety, including adult coloring tables and pet therapy. They provide quiet areas for students to focus and study in a peaceful environment and healthy snacks to keep them nourished during that hectic time.

At many of these events, they promote HNHN. Even better, faculty members and staff that participate in HNHN are passionate advocates of it.

Special thanks to Megan Amaya, Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, and Linnea Fletcher, Instructor of Clinical Practice, for sharing these details so we can all learn from them.

Use their strategies to get your staff engaged in the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge:
  • In a university setting, have faculty and staff participate in HNHN, so they can be real-life advocates of the challenge.
  • Share the HNHN emails with your organization’s internal email list.
  • Promote HNHN at events, seminars, and lectures.
  • Use HNHN to support your own wellness initiatives.
  • Help participants to recognize others for their good work and positive attitudes (like OSU’s Candy Gram program).
  • Consider setting up stress-relief stations during busy times.
  • Offer seminars on different wellness topics and mention HNHN resources.
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