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My Rest Commitment

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Rest Commitments

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Great commitment! Sleep is very important especially when working 2 jobs and in between activities, you need your rest. How has your week been? Any improvement so far? Let's go! #healthynurse
by abbyeed on REST
Working two jobs and going to school has my sleep schedule down to about 5 hours per day. I wake up at 230 am daily for work and go to sleep around 9pm. I don't have trouble falling asleep at all, it's just trying to do too much during the day to accommodate my busy schedule. 
I use medication at night to improve my sleep
Well hello there nursegreen11.   I am a certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and a new member of HNHN,affiliated with the largest hospital system in SE Texas, Memorial Hermann.  I can totally relate to you when it comes to the 6 hour sleep night.  I meditate quite a bit to quiet m...
My goal is to reach 8hours of sleep at least 4 nights a week.